Body Composition -BMI Calculator & Bodyfat Percentage

The Key Factor for Improving your Body Shape and your Health is your Body Composition.

Knowing all about your body composition can help you determine the general state of your overall health. Even if you appear to be healthy on the outside and weigh in at a seemingly normal weight on the scale, you may still have an unhealthy or altered body composition. An important composition for your body to have is Muscle Mass in order to perform everyday tasks in your day and it is important to have a good muscle mass and a low bodyfat percentage.

Body composition is the body’s relative amount of body fat to fat-free mass, the latter of which is made up of your organs, bones, muscle, and body tissue. If your ratio of body fat is much higher than your fat-free mass, then you could be putting yourself at risk for severe health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and fatigue.

Although body fat is generally associated with poor health, some essential bodyfat is actually necessary for overall good health, as it can help protect internal organs, regulate hormones, and provide us with energy. Body fat should typically make up about 12-15% of total body weight in men and about 18-22% of total body weight in women, these are considered healthy Bodyfat Percentages.

Factors that can lead to unhealthy body composition

In most of the world, more than one-third of all adults are obese and have unhealthy body composition. As obesity rates continue to grow, so will the rates for major diseases and illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more.

Here are some of the most important factors that can lead to altered body composition & weight gain:

  • Lack of exercise and physical activity
  • Eating large portion sizes and overeating in general
  • Going all day without eating
  • High-fat, high-sugar diet
  • Lack of whole foods in the diet such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes
  • Excessive alcohol intake

Benefits of having a healthy body composition

By reducing your overall amount of body fat, you can improve your body composition and your body shape, your health and overall quality of life, as well as extend your lifespan.

Benefits of having a healthy body composition

  • Healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Healthy Cholesterol levels.
  • Improved quality of sleep.
  • Improved mood and self-confidence.
  • Feeling comfortable in your Clothes.
  • Increased energy and endurance throughout the day.
  • Reduced pain in joints, hips, and lower back.
  • Improved blood circulation — leading to lower risk for heart disease.
  • Higher fertility rates and lower risk for pregnancy-related complications
  • Improved breathing, respiratory system, and lung function
  • Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

It is important to know your 2 main Body Composition Calculations – Body Mass Index (BMI) and Bodyfat Percentage, here is how to calculate them.

Mens Diagram for Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to evaluate body mass.

To Calculate your Current BMI, first choose “Metric” Setting option, then enter your Height (cm) & Weight (kg), once you enter your weight your BMI Result will appear in the block.


BMI Score Explained – chart below is for Men & Women

BMI is a measure of a person’s thinness or overweightness based on their height and weight, and is intended to quantify tissue mass. It is commonly used as a general indicator of whether a person is at a healthy weight for their height. Based on the Body Mass index, both men and women are categorized as Normal weight, Overweight or Pre-Obese, or Obese. Please view these BMI Calculator Results and these Ranges to determine if you are in a Healthy Range.

While BMI is a widely used and useful indicator of a healthy body weight, it has its limitations. BMI is just an estimate that does not take full composition into account. Due to the large variety of body types, as well as the distribution of muscle, bone mass and fat. BMI should be considered along with other measurements such as Bodyfat Percentage and not be used as the sole method of determining a person’s healthy body weight.

Your BMI

35 and aboveSeverely Obese
30 – 34.9Obese
25 – 29.9Overweight or Pre-Obese
18.5 – 24.9Healthy Weight
18.5 and underUnderweight

Womens Diagram for Body Mass Index


The Ratio of Muscle to Fat (Bodyfat vs Lean Muscle) is commonly known as your Body Composition. Losing Bodyfat must be the Goal of your Nutrition Weight-loss plan, as this is the key to re-shaping your body and is the key to decreasing your risk of health problems. To achieve correct Body Composition your Nutrition Meal Plan must be a plan that contains the correct portion of Healthy Foods and the correct Macronutrients, such as Proteins, Carbohydrates & Healthy Fats & Dairy, created with Nutritional timing of meals.

So how do we calculate Bodyfat Percentage, well the ideal way to measure this is by using a Bodyfat Caliper.

But there is another way to calculate an estimated Bodyfat Percentage, we have included this information for you on how to estimate your Bodyfat Percentage with the Bodyfat % Photo’s for Men & Women and the Bodyfat Percentage Formula calculation on this page, discover what your Bodyfat percentage is, and what Healthy Bodyfat Percentage you want to be ?

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The Following Chart indicates the ideal Bodyfat Percentages for a Healthy, Active Adult who is physically active and has a goal to be Lean, and is of Age of approx 21 – 60 years old:


A Healthy range of Bodyfat Percentage for women is 18-22%

A Good Bodyfat Percentage for average women is 18%

A Lean Fitness Body, Bodyfat Percentage for women is 14 – 16%

An unhealthy bodyfat percentage is 28% and up for women


A healthy range of bodyfat Percentage for men is 12 – 15%

A Good Bodyfat Percentage for average men is 10-12%

A Lean Body, Bodyfat Percentage for men is 8%

An unhealthy Bodyfat percentage is 22% and up for men

Bodyfat % Goals are determined dependant on Age Factor.

What Bodyfat Percentage are you at ? use these Men & Women Charts to determine your bodies Bodyfat % Are you at a Healthy Percentage ?

Which photo represents your body ? What bodyfat percentage are you and what bodyfat percentage would like to be ? To calculate your ideal Bodyfat Percentage and how much weight you would need to lose to reach your healthy bodyfat percentage goal, you may be be surprised how easily achievable it is to reach that goal, calculate how to reach your Ideal Bodyfat Percentage and Weight by using the next formula.

How to calculate your Bodyfat Percentage Goals

Step 1 – Decide which Bodyfat Percentage you are currently at – an estimate percentage based on looking at yourself in the mirror, men must be in shorts and topless, and ladies must be in there underwear or a bikini, then looking at the Bodyfat Photo chart and see what bodyfat percentage your body is at. It might be easier for you to determine your current bodyfat percentage if you take a photo in of yourself, yes you must be half naked, with men in shorts and topless, and ladies in their underwear or wearing a bikini, and then compare your photo to the Bodyfat percentage photo chart on this page.

Then Step 2 – is to decide what bodyfat percentage you really want your body to be – decide this from the photo’s on the chart, now use this Calculation below to calculate how much weight (bodyfat) you will need to lose to achieve this healthy Bodyfat Percentage for your body.

Bodyfat Percentage Formula:

Write down your current weight, and your estimated bodyfat percentage and deduct your goal bodyfat percentage. Then the difference is the bodyfat percentage that you will have to lose. Now take your current weight and multiply by that bodyfat percentage that you need to lose, this will give you the amount of kilograms that you need to lose to achieve your bodyfat goal.

Example of how to use the Formula:

Current Weight = 112kg Estimated current Bodyfat 40% (from bodyfat photo chart)- Goal Bodyfat % 14%

Take estimated bodyfat percentage of 40% – 14% goal = 26 % bodyfat percentage to lose

Current weight = 112kg x 26% bodyfat Percentage = 29kg Bodyfat to lose

Therefore goal weight is (112kg – 29kg) = 83kg at 14%

Successful Bodyfat Goals achieved – look at these results

Lady Transformation

  Before 37%                      After at 12%

Male Transformation

  Before 28%                      After at 8%

Healthy Nutritional Meal Plans should include 5-6 Regular Meals in a day, with an even distribution of Carbohydrates and Proteins to stabilise blood sugar levels, and increase Metabolism. To achieve great results the Meal Plan must be personalised to Clients specific Kilojoule requirements & Goals.

Kilojoule Requirements are dependant on each individuals Height, Age, Goal Weight and Body Goals and their Training Levels & Intensity of Training. We need to provide our Bodies with the Correct Kilojoules and Macronutrients to be able to function optimally, Mentally and Physically on a daily basis.

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