Bradley Rustin’s Success Story

Bradley Rustin Before Photo red shirt      Bradley Rustin Slim vertical photo

Before at 120kg.     During Transformation       After at Goal Weight 90kg (after 1 year)

Bradley is currently still following his Plan and his Healthy Lifestyle and he now weighs 83.4kg with a Bodyfat Percentage of 11%, he has lost a total of 36.6kg (26/10/2018).

Bradley’s Weight Loss Journey

Bradley first contacted me at the end of October 2016, when he weighed 120kg. As he lives and works in Johannesburg he ordered his Meal Plan online. We prepared his Personalised Meal Plan, and we calculated his Healthy Goal Weight to be 90kg.

He started on his Meal Plan on 12 November 2016, at a starting weight of 120kg and a Bodyfat Percentage of 33%. As he flies to Cape Town every 3 months with his company, he came to see me every 3 months for his Weigh-ins, and his weight loss results were great at every weigh-in.

Within his First Year of following our Meal Plan he had lost 28.2kg, and he weighed 91.8kg, he was almost at his Goal Weight of 90kg.

Bradley is still currently following his Meal Plan and he is feeling great and has a New Healthy Lifestyle, he is now active and is now competing in Marathon’s. He says this Weight Loss Journey and Transformation has changed his life in so many ways, physically and mentally.

On 06/06/2018 he weighed 87kg and was at a Bodyfat Percentage of 11.6%

Currently on 26/10/2018 he is still following his Healthy Lifestyle and now weighs 83.4kg with Bodyfat Percentage of 11%.

Bradley has now lost a total of 36.6kg and he is maintaining his Healthy Body.

Well done Bradley, you have done an Great Job at Transforming your Body and your Life  !! – Regards Kevin Naude, Body Sculpt Doc -Nutrition & Weight Loss

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