Sports Nutrition for Athletes

“Without proper nutrition all effort is pointless”

Key benefits from a Sports Specific Nutrition Meal Plan

  • How to Eat to Fuel for Training
  • Understand Your Nutritional Demands During Exercise
  • The Role of Proteins to enhance Exercise-Recovery while sleeping
  • Optimize Your Nutritional Timing
  • Sustained & Improved energy
  • To avoid becoming despondent from a lack of progress due to incorrect nutrition
  • Minimise injury

Our Sports Specific Nutrition Meal Plans are personalised and include delicious Healthy easy to prepare Tasty Meals, including Recipes all set in an easy to follow calculated Day Menu’s according to your Training Program / Schedule.

Should you be wanting to lose some body fat, gain muscle or improve power to weight ratio, this can also be incorporated into your sports specific meal plan, along with the correct supplementation designed for your specific needs.

Additionally to your Meal Plan, we can also supply you with your personalised Pre-Intra & Post Race / Competition Plan, to make sure that you are ready for the big day.

We also work closely with Cobus Fourie from STS, and with Gavin Cannone from Pedal Therapy Coaching, we highly recommend Cobus and Gavin for their Coaching and their Training Programs. Cobus Fourie is an Ironman & Triathlete Coach, if you would like Cobus’s assistance, then contact him on 0832368755, here is his website link – Gavin is a road and track Cycling Coach, to contact Gavin call him on 0824479138, this is his website link – We are currently assisting many of his Cobus’s and Gavin’s clients in reaching their goals.

We provide 1-on-1 Online Consultations from the comfort of your home, or your office, or wherever you are, for us to assist you.

Strength training with Battle Ropes

To find out more about our Sports Nutrition Meal Plan please contact Kevin Naude’ on email or whatsapp him on 0826644108, and he will then give you a call and then send you your Order Forms for you to complete. Once we receive your Order Forms, we will book your Initial Online Zoom Consultation. Then once your Meal Plan is ready we will courier your Meal Plan file directly to you.

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