Weight Loss Success Plan

Body Sculpt Doc Success Plan

“Eating is Essential, but eating Intelligently results in Artwork”

As Nutrition is the Key to your Success with weight loss, we provide Balanced Healthy Eating Lifestyle Meal Plans to transform your Body. Our Meal Plans are calculated specifically for each client using Nutritional Timing of Meals and Macronutrients. Thereby supplying your body with all the daily nutritional foods to achieve healthy weight loss, to lose the weight and then to maintain your Goal Weight. We also provide the Support & Motivation to assist you in reaching your Goals.

Let us show you how to Succeed at Weight Loss, how to lose the weight and transform your body, and why you need to succeed at this goal, the whole Journey is Empowering.

The ultimate Reward of achieving your Goal, is one of Self Discovery, and Belief in oneself, the Slim Healthy Body is just a Bonus”. At the end of the Journey you will Believe in Yourself more than ever before, and you will feel great about your Achievement, it will empower you and your Life. It is up to you to do this, So believe in yourself and believe that you deserve that Amazing Body.

It is up to you to do this, and it is up to you to find the “Reason why You want to do this”. Once you find your reason why and you commit to following your Meal Plan then you will succeed, it is that simple.

Once you have achieved your Goal, thereafter committing to it as your Healthy Lifestyle, and maintaining your Goal Weight will be easy once you have travelled the Journey and Tasted the Rewards.

Body Sculpt Doc Healthy Lifestyle is about teaching you how to nourish your body the right way, through Healthy Nutrition. We offer 1-on-1 Online Consultations from the comfort of your home , or your office, or wherever you are, we can assist you with improving all aspects of your Nutrition & your Health. 

When your weight is in a healthy range : Your body more efficiently circulates blood and your bodies mobility improves. You will feel better about yourself and have more energy to make other positive health changes. If you’re overweight, losing even a few kilograms can improve your health, so every step in the right direction counts !

Success Steps

Step 1 Decide that you need to Change and decide Why.

There is a wonderful saying “If the why is big enough, then how becomes easy !” write down why you want to achieve your goal, why you would want to achieve it and how you would feel when you achieve it. Take a Starting Photograph – are you happy with what you see ? Do you need to Change your Body ? Do you want to Change ?

Make this decision to Change and Improve your Body, and you will be surprised at your Results.

Step 2 Now commit to your Weight Loss Meal Plan, set Realistic Healthy Goals. Commit to standing Naked in front of a Full Body Mirror once a week, this will help you to stay focused on reaching your body goals. In a few weeks you will be amazed at your results and how your body shape has changed.

Step 3 Keep a Cheat Diary, write down every cheat that you eat (in Pen, not in pencil). Identify Bad Eating Habits or times when you are Tempted to Cheat. The goal is to not have any entries in that diary. By identifying when and why you cheated and this will help you to resist Temptation in the future. Accept that you may Cheat (you are only human) but that if you cheat you will not lose weight or reach your Goal Weight. If you accept responsibility for your Choices with what you eat, you will not get frustrated with your Diet if you don’t lose weight that week. 

Remember tomorrow is a New Day, a Fresh Start, a new day to start again and re-commit to following your Meal Plan 100%.

Step 4 Commit to attending your Monthly Progress Appointments – at your Progress Zoom Consultations (or Telephonic Consultations) with us, we will assess your weight loss results & your health. Meeting with us once a month not only boost your motivation but it also helps hold you accountable. We also want to encourage you to commit to taking your 8 Week Progress Photo’s, take Progress Photo every 8 weeks, and you will be amazed with your Results.  

Please note that we also do Personalised Gym & Home Training Exercise Programs specifically for you & your Goals, to assist you in transforming your Body, but just remember that your Nutrition and our Support is the Key to your successful Weight Loss Journey.

Positive thinking will result in your success:

“What you think about comes about, Once your thoughts reflect what you genuinely want to be, the appropriate emotions and the consequent behaviour will flow automatically. Believe it and you will see it”

– Dr Wayne Dyer.

Your Habits are what determine the Shape of your Body

The person you see in a “Before” Photo is a reflection of that persons pattern of action – their habits and eating habits, the things they do day in and day out without even thinking about them. In order to transform from before to after, those habits need to change. They are like sandbags tied to a hot air balloon, limiting your ascent to a higher quality of life. Once you realise the extent to which eating behaviour is ruled habit, you will be amazed. Consider which current daily habits are holding you back and become determined to transform those negative habits into a positive pattern of action. It is not easy but I know you can do it.

”Nothing Tastes as good as Thin Feels” – this saying is so true. Once you are losing weight and then are at goal weight you will believe in this saying.

Don’t allow Mindless Eating or Impulse Eating or Emotional Eating to erase all your hard work, think before you eat something, when you are tempted. Tell yourself “this treat is not healthy, it is not worth eating it as it will take me further from my goal”. Then say “I will only cheat once I am at goal weight, I only deserve to reward myself with a treat then”. Only eat that which will take you closer towards your Goal. The Long term Reward will be worth it and will outway the Short-term reward of that temporary feel-good feeling (from those feel good hormones that are released– endorphins), of eating that treat.

Not Cheating will help you to feel so good about yourself, when you have control over food, you will no longer have the frustrating mind warfare of guilt and frustration of not losing weight.

We can also recommend effective Natural Supplements that can assist with Emotional
& Stress Eating, as we know that many clients need assistance with this to succeed.

Feeling in Control of what you eat, will make you feel more in control of your life and destiny. It will strengthen your mind and Spirit. Being disciplined will make you feel positive about your new Healthy Lifestyle and relieved, knowing that you will now succeed and reach your goal. If you can make decision that you will only Reward yourself with a Treat (cheat) once you are at Goal Weight, you will be amazed at what Results you will achieve daily and every week.

Also remember once you are at Goal weight you will be able to allow yourself additional foods in moderation. The discipline that you successfully learnt and practiced during your Weight Loss will help you to add certain foods in moderation once you are on maintenance, and still remain at goal weight due to your Self Control.  


Make your Environment Safe

If you want to succeed, clean up your pantry, it is certainly not unreasonable to rid your environment of any food that would tempt you to cheat.

Even if you have children, you can still limit the amount of unhealthy snacks in the house, if you buy your children treats, then just buy small amounts of treats, just enough portion for the child. You can encourage healthy treats rather than junk food, such as Yoghurt, Yogi sip, Fruit and Mixed Dried Fruit, your child will also benefit from this.

If you are Cheating or Overeating here are 5 Reasons why

Reviewing past and current self-defeating behaviour’s can help identify where you are stuck, discouraged, or overwhelmed, and used food to “fix it”. To read tips on how to Manage Impulse, Emotional & Stress Eating please go to our webpage –“Manage Impulse Eating”

1.Emotion.  Eating as a coping mechanism, for high stress levels, to numb suffering, calm fears, or combat Loneliness,  are typical examples of emotional eating.

2.Reward.  Eating indulgently to reward yourself for a job well done, is another way to misuse food and overeat.

3.Seeking acceptance.  Eating to be socially accepted or to fit in, or so you don’t offend a party host, are other surefire ways to sabotage weight-loss goals through overeating.

4.Boredom.  Eating due to boredom or the perceived lack of anything else to do, is an overeating  trap that requires keeping your mind and body stimulated and busy.

5.Procrastination.  Eating to procrastinate or avoid a chore, this defeats two purposes; weight-loss and getting things done.

6.Failing to Planning. If you do not plan your Meals for the day, and do not plan for the next day you are destined to fail. Remember successful weight loss can easily be achieved if you are consistently strict on your Meal Plan 7 days a week.

Don’t Fall into the trap of Mindless Eating

As we said “Eating is Essential, but eating Intelligently results in Artwork” Let us show you how to achieve your Healthy Slim Body.