Alexa Botha’s Success Story

Alexa lost 14kg in just 7 months.

Well done to Alexa for the great job that she did with her weight loss, what an amazing transformation she achieved. She succeeded even though her life was busy, she was a new mom who also manages her own Spa “Nuūdo Luxury Express Spa” in Somerset West, she was focused on achieving her goal of getting her slim healthy body back after having her baby.

Alexa’s Journey

Alexa’s Starting weight on the 18 June 2021 was 72kg, that is when she started following her Weight Loss Meal Plan in June 2021.

She reached her Healthy Goal weight on the 16 Jan 2022 of 58kg, just 7 month later and she had lost a total of 14kg, and she is still at her goal weight today. She is managing to maintain her goal weight by continuing to follow her Healthy Eating Meal Plan.

“Getting your Healthy Slim Body back after Pregnancy is achievable and so worth it !! New Mom’s need to make sure that they take good care of themselves and their health, it is so important for their Physical Health & Emotional Health and for their Self Confidence”

Alexa thankyou for being such an Inspiration to all New Mom’s out there !!

Well done,

Regards Kevin & Tanya Naude’

Body Sculpt Doc Team.