Adinda Booysen’s Success Story

Adinda has done an amazing job and she has reached her Goal weight in November 2021. She started on her Personalised Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Meal Plan on 21 May 2021 at a starting weight of 86.6kg and on the 24 Nov 2021 she weighs 65.6kg, she has lost a total of 21kg in just 6 months and she is at her Healthy Goal weight, see her Before & After Photo’s below.

Adinda’s Story

(written by Adinda Booysen)

Hi Kevin

I thought I would share these photo’s with you, It is amazing how when you set my goal weight at 65 kg’s, I thought it sounded out of reach……….

Then I set myself the goal to fit into my wedding dress, and guess what, at 65kg’s I do so perfectly now ! (see my after photo’s below).

My Wedding Day, when I was 24 years old, many years ago.

In 2013, I probably weighed about 70kg then, it was my normal weight, and I was running the odd marathon, but mostly half’s and did about 10km 5 x per week. 

Until I lost my job in 2014, when I just started eating, and stopped exercising, in fact, I gave up on myself.

On May 5th 2021, this year I weighed 86.6kg, and realised that I am slowly heading for diabetes, and I contacted you. 

My Before Photo in April 2021 at my Daughters Baby Shower, at a weight of 86.6kg

This is me below in August 2021 with my grandchild – Just 4 months later after starting my Healthy Eating & Weight loss Meal Plan, and I had already lost 14.3kg and I am still on my Journey to reach my Goal Weight.

Here I weigh 72.3kg on the 07 August 2021.

This week, 24 Nov 2021 I reached my goal of 65.6, yay, thanks to your wonderful support. 

Now I can comfortably run 10kg’s again, walked 20km’s with ease a couple of weeks ago, and do between 6 – 10kms either walking or running 5 x per week. My heart rate is 59, which I think reflects my general well being well. 

Here I am on the 24 Nov 2021 at my Goal weight and wearing my Wedding Dress that I wore when I was 24 years old !!

I cannot thank you enough for walking this journey with me !


Adinda, well done you did such an amazing Job and it was such a Pleasure to support you and guide you on your Journey. You are an Inspiration to everyone, you truly achieved all of your Health Goals, not only physically with your appearance but you also improved your Bodies Health and your Fitness. You are also especially an Inspiration to all clients who wish they could fit into their Wedding Dress again.

Great Job, well done.

Regards Kevin Naude’