Winter Meal Plan

Our Winter Weight Loss plan is designed so that you can lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle, and it includes our Winter Meal Plan consisting of delicious Healthy & Tasty Meals, including Winter Recipes all set in a easy to follow 5 Menu Meal Plan (meal plan consisting of 4 Day Menu’s & 1 Ketosis Menu), which you will follow every day of the week (7 days a week) and you get to choose your Menu’s for each day. We prepare meal plans for clients who eat meat and for Vegetarians, Pescatarians & Vegans.

Your Day Menu’s consist of 3 Main Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) with 2 Snacks in the day and also includes 1 Bedtime Snack per day. The meal plan consists of at least 3 Dinner Meal Options per day for you to choose from, so there is alot of variety of choices. Meal Plans are calculated specifically for each client using Nutritional Timing of Meals and Macronutrients. Thereby supplying your body with all the daily nutritional foods to achieve healthy weight loss, to lose the weight and then to maintain your Goal Weight by continuing to follow your Healthy Eating Lifestyle.

Initial Zoom Consultation

Includes your Initial Zoom Consultation (45-60 min) or Telephonic Consultation (if you do not have zoom) to discuss your Nutritional needs and your Goals, any existing medical conditions and health concerns.

And it includes your Meal Plan couriered directly to you.

We offer Client Support – Once you have started following your Healthy Eating Plan, we encourage you to meet with us every 4 weeks so that we can stay in touch with you and assist you on your weight loss journey and to help you to reach your Goal weight and then to maintain your Goal weight. We therefore offer Monthly Progress Zoom Consultations (or Telephonic Consultations) (40 minute consultation) (additional fee applicable).

We recommend that you book your monthly Followup Progress Zoom Consultations (or Telephonic Consultations) every month. These monthly Consultations are not compulsory but through our many years of experience we find that they are very effective for our clients Progress.

We also offer Weekly Weigh-in’s & Client Support online on Whatsapp or on Email – Once you have started following your meal plan you can send us your Weekly Weigh-in weight (send through to us every Monday & Friday morning), on Whatsapp or on Email so that we can offer you regular weekly support by monitoring your progress, and keeping in contact, this service really helps our clients to stay committed daily and weekly to following their meal plans strictly, which results in successful weight loss results. (a monthly fee is applicable for this client support service).

The Initial Fee includes all of the below – contact us to find out about our Fees that we charge.

  • Winter Menu Meal Plan to follow everyday (5 Day Menu’s & Winter Recipes)
  • Initial Zoom Consultation or Telephonic Consultation (45min-60 min consultation)
  • Your Meal Plan Couriered directly to you

To find our more about our Winter Meal Plan & our fees please contact Kevin Naude’ on 0826644108 on whatsapp, or email him on

Or book your Free Telephonic Consultation on our website Booking Diary so that we can give you a call at a convenient time (booked telephone call) to discuss your health goals and how we can assist you in achieving them and we can explain our Meal Plan and our services with you – Click here to go to our Booking Diary.

Or simply click on our Call Back Button (Blue Telephone symbol on the right of page) and send us your name & number and we will give you a call.

After your initial Telephone Consultation (call) with Kevin he will then send you your Order Forms on email for you to complete. Once we receive your Completed Order Forms on email, we will then contact you to book your Initial Zoom Consultation so that we can get to meet with you and discuss your Personalised Meal Plan. Then once your Meal Plan is ready we will courier your Meal Plan file directly to you.