Jillian Michaels -10 minute Beginner HIIT Workout

Jillian Michaels -10 minute HIIT Workout


Tae Bo II Get Ripped Basic Workout 1

Tae Bo II Get Ripped Basic Workout 2

Tae Bo II Get Ripped 8 Minute Workout

Tae Bo Body Shape – with weights

Tae Bo Official Punch out

Calming & Relaxation Techniques


Calming & Relaxation Techniques

Here are some Calming music videos for you to watch and listen and to Enjoy ! We recommend that you listen with earphones or headphones. We recommend that you first listen to the calming music videos and then make quiet time alone to do the guided meditation. We have included an effective 10 minute “Meditation for Relaxation” and a 10 minute “Morning Meditation to start your day with Positive Mindset”, and a 16 minute “Peace & Acceptance” Meditation for you to do to calm your mind, as well as 2 guided Meditations for Inner Peace & Calm, and Taking Care of Yourself, Self-Love. Then we have some basic Yoga Practices for you to enjoy.

Calming & Relaxation Music

Beautiful relaxing music (“Thoughtful”) composed by Peder B. Helland. This peaceful piano, cello and guitar music works perfect as background music while you relax, study, sleep, meditate, focus, work, do yoga or get a massage

Meditation For Relaxation ♥ 10 Min Of Peace, Calm, & Tranquility

Guided Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation below is for positivity is the perfect way, to welcome peace, focus, and a positive mind. Let go of anxiety, fear and worries and reset with healing energy for productivity and a perfect day (Boho Beautiful).

Finding a quiet space to sit in peace, stillness, and with yourself to meditate can easily be one of the most beneficial gifts we can give to ourselves. A regular practice can shift the way you feel, the energy in your body, and your entire human day to day experience.We encourage you to now find a quiet space for yourself to do the following Calming Meditations, we recommend that you use headphones or earphones. We recommend that you do these basic Meditation sessions, starting with this first one here below.

Guided Meditation For Powerful Positivity ➤ Peace, Focus, & A Positive Mind In 10 Minutes

This 15 minute guided meditation below, is to clear and calm the mind is a perfect powerful practice for beginner & experienced meditation practices. It is perfect tool to help cope with the uncertainty of this Covid19 pandemic, to ground and rebalance yourself and your constant wandering mind. This easy guided meditation is perfect for anyone that is needing some positivity and calm during these uncertain times. It is time to let go of the negativity, stress, anxiety….whatever is holding you back in your life (Boho Beautiful Channel).

15 Minute Guided Meditation | Clear & Calm The Mind In Uncertain Times

Listen to this guided meditation every morning and set your day and mind up with the perfect kick start. This 10 minute mindful meditation will give you the mental clarity and space necessary to ground yourself with beautiful focus and set your day on the perfect track for success and fulfillment (Boho Beautiful Channel).

The next Calming “Peace & Acceptance” Meditation is to help you to focus on learning how to be calm and to find peace (Boho Beautiful channel).

This is a guided meditation to help you calm the sense of being overwhelmed and find peace from within. This meditation will help you nurture yourself with unconditional love and compassion (Mindful Movement channel).

This guided meditation will take you on a journey of relaxation. Fill yourself up with love and Self-love. It will reduce your stress level, as well as improve your overall health and well being when practiced regularly (Mindful Movement channel.

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This is a easy quick morning yoga routine that you can do anywhere, even in bed! Its the perfect way to start your day. This 5 min sequence will get your blood pumping, wake up your nervous system and help you get out of bed with ease and joy.

This 20 min easy yoga class is intended to stretch and relax your entire body. Moving through gentle postures, this class is intended for anyone that is looking for a peaceful and relaxing way to end or start their day.

Practice these relaxation techniques daily and maintain a positive mindset, focus on your physical and mental health. We are here to assist you with all aspects of your Health – Body Sculpt Doc.

If you enjoy these videos that we have provided then we recommend that you subscribe to them on you tube so that you can save them and other videos to your phone or laptop and then watch them whenever you feel like relaxing, the calming music (video 1, 2, 4 & 5) is by Peter B. Hellard is the “Soothing Relaxation” channel, the 3rd calming music video is by “Sleep Easy Relax -Keith Smith” channel, and 4th calming music video is “Music by Paul Collier” Channel. The Guided Meditation sessions and Yoga are by “Boho Beautiful” channel, we do recommend this youtube channel for meditation & Yoga. There are also 2 Guided Meditations which are done by “Mindful Movement” channel which are very effective for relaxation.

Believe in Yourself – We want to leave you with this encouragement, be positive and listen to this beautiful song and Believe in Yourself.