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Due to our demanding lifestyles today, long working hours and poor sleeping habits, as well as the constant striving to be on top of our game this often begins to take it’s toll on our Health, Libido, Stamina and our approach to life.

Unfortunately we age because our hormones decline and the negative effect of life can often accelerate this process, leaving most middle aged men stuck with health issues that make us look and feel older than we really are.

At Body Sculpt Doc we address and correct Key issues – such as Nutrition, Stress Management, Sports Nutrition & Supplementation, Weight loss, Anti-aging, Hormones, PH Balance, Training and Libido.

Most Men know where they need to be and want to be in their health and lives, but they struggle to get there on their own. Without the correct knowledge, advice, guidance and support. If you are serious about getting back what is important to you.

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Does Weight Loss Increase Testosterone in Men ?

Testosterone makes men strong and sexually powerful. Obese & Overweight men tend to have low testosterone. Weight loss helps to boost testosterone levels naturally.

A recent study shows that weight loss is capable of reducing the effect of low testosterone levels in the obese and pre-diabetes mid-aged men by 50%. Testosterone is one of the important hormones in both men and women. But the issues about testosterone affect the men mostly. It plays vital roles in men’s health conditions, physically & mentally.

What is Testosterone ?

Testosterone can be defined as a hormone mainly produced in men’s testicles and women’s ovaries. It is an essential androgen hormone found in the men’s body at higher levels than women. The levels of testosterone have a significant effect in the body and influence the body natures such as sperm production, muscle and bone strength, red blood cell production, sex drive, mood, and energy levels.

The higher the testosterone level, the stronger the man becomes, and vice versa. Low testosterone levels are dangerous for men, symptoms can be erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, sleep problems, depression, low sex drive, body fat increase, mental fogginess (loss of short term memory), and muscle and strength loss. Low testosterone may cause male infertility. 

Men need higher levels of Testosterone and low levels of Estrogen, which is opposite to Women. When a man’s bodyfat is too high this allows more Estrogen to be stored in the fat cells, this is known as Estrogen Dominance (high estrogen).

Estrogen Dominance can cause depression, mood swings, insomnia and Gynecomastia (abnormal enlargement of the breasts) – non cancerous) or commonly known as “manboobs” as well as other female characteristics – No Thankyou !! The Psychological effects of these symptoms affects us men in all areas of our lives from the workplace, to the sportsfield and locker rooms and then into the bedroom. Taking control of your health (mental & physical) and your looks by losing all that fat that has been there for too long. And trust me you will feel more of a man than ever before in every aspect of your life.

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It is important to keep the levels of testosterone in a normal range to avoid all these problems. So, how do we know what are normal levels ?

What are the Normal Levels of Testosterone?

Normal testosterone levels cannot be exactly defined as healthier testosterone levels as these have a wide range based on each individual. What is considered “normal” for one person can be high or low for another person. There is a difference between free testosterone and testosterone. Most of the testosterone produced by the body is connected into two proteins namely; sex hormone binding globulin and albumin.

A larger part of these hormones finds it very difficult to separate from proteins; thereby not available for use. This makes people increase the amount of testosterone and reduces the amount of free testosterone in the process. This is how the symptoms of low testosterone levels come up. So, if testosterone levels are not normal, it poses a threat to the men’s health, and these can be dangerous if not tackled in time. However, one of the ways to boost testosterone is through weight loss and other body fat shedding activities. This will be discussed in this article, but before that, let’s look at the relationship between weight loss and testosterone.

Relationship between Testosterone and Weight Loss

Many believe that testosterone is only concerned with sexual activities, not knowing that it goes beyond that. Normal levels of testosterone are needed for muscle building, to keep healthy fat levels, to enhance our sex drive, and to boost energy, as well as positive mood.. As we age, testosterone levels tend to decrease, and this leads to many health issues such as weight gain, depression, low sex drive, and heart disease. The question isdoes weight loss boost testosterone levels in men ?”

Weight loss and testosterone are directly linked together solving low testosterone in men. Testosterone has advantage for fat loss in healthy men, because the higher your testosterone levels are the easier it is to lose weight. The benefits of testosterone cannot be over emphasised in men, as it assists in building muscle boosts insulin sensitivity, keeps you metobolically healthy, bone density improves and provides many essential benefits for the body, and most importantly it makes men feel like real men.

Weight loss increases testosterone

However, being overweight reduces testosterone production, which leads to low testosterone and fat accumulation. Many weight issues that are attributed to low testosterone are insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome X, and other metabolic problems in men.

Weight loss improves testosterone levels – if the vicious cycle created by low testosterone and being overweight is broken and defeated – then your testosterone levels will rise naturally.

Weight Loss Tips to Boost Testosterone in Men

Highlighted below are the natural ways to increase your testosterone:

What Bodyfat Percentage are you at ? Are you at a Healthy Percentage ?

Which photo represents your body ? What bodyfat percentage would like to be ? To calculate your ideal Bodyfat Percentage and how much weight you would need to lose to reach your healthy bodyfat percentage goal, you may be be surprised how easily achieveable it is to reach that goal, calculate how to reach your Ideal Bodyfat Percentage and Weight by using the formula at the bottom of this page.

Lose weight:

Many studies prove that losing weight is capable of boosting testosterone levels significantly. This is one of the most effective ways to improve the levels of testosterone as well as reduce other low testosterone level’ symptoms such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. You need to reduce your carbohydrates intake and substitute them with vegetables, healthy Fats and enough protein for muscle building.

Cut down your sugar intake:

Sugar-rich foods such as soda, cookies, bread, pasta, candy, and much more has been studied to lead to rapid development of blood sugar which in turn lowers your testosterone levels by 25%. Cutting these down will help boost testosterone levels.

Get Adequate Sleep & Reduce Stress:

Get plenty of Restful, high-quality Sleep, this is very important as your bodies hormones are released at night when you are in a deep sleep, therefore lack of quality sleep can affect your Testosterone levels. Minimize stress and thereby reduce your cortisol levels, as your hormone production will be affected if your Cortisol levels in your body are too high.

Weight Training:

Exercises such as weightlifting, squats, kettlebell snatches, pushups and deadlifting are studied to reduce weight and increase testosterone levels. Studies confirm significant output of testosterone when this is done religiously. By doing 3 – 4 workout every week goes a long way in achieving this.

Boost Testosterone by Increasing your Intake of Vitamin D & Zinc

Get some Sun and increase your Intake of Foods rich in Vitamin D, and also of Zinc.

Foods high in Vitamin D & Zinc:

  1. Tuna contains Vitamin D, fresh tuna is best, but you may have tinned tuna, Salmon & Sardines are also high in Vitamin D.
  2. Low Fat Milk contains Vitamin D.
  3. Egg Yolks are rich in Vitamin D
  4. Nuts contain Zinc
  5. Red Meat – contains Zinc, have good lean beef cuts
  6. You can take Vitamin D & Zinc supplements

There are natural Effective Supplements for Testosterone boosting, if you would like to find out more about them then please contact us and we will advise you, these supplements are client specific, dependant on Age, reason for low testosterone, any health conditions that you have, all of these things will determine which Supplement Protocol we will recommend.

Eat healthy fats:

Testosterone is synthesized from the fats we eat. This is the reason you need to eat the right fats as some fats are healthier than others for testosterone production. Some of these healthy fats are saturated and monounsaturated fats. Consume saturated or monounsaturated fats like almonds, whole eggs, avocados, red meat, and olive oil for higher testosterone.


Normal testosterone is important in men, and this can be maintained by keeping a healthy weight. Weight loss not only minimized the chances of diabetes in men but also boost testosterone production in the body. Because of the effects of testosterone in the body; tackling low testosterone levels is essential in boosting energy, increasing metabolism, enhancing sex drive, improving sperm production, cognitive function and many other health benefits.

It is the duty of every man to promote normal and healthy testosterone levels for natural fat loss, boosting strength and muscle mass, and as well as enhancing body stamina. If you are suffering from low testosterone, try weight loss, and you will thank me later.


The Key Factor for Improving your Body Shape and your Health is your Body Composition:

The Ratio of Muscle to Fat (Bodyfat vs Lean Muscle) is commonly known as your Body Composition, losing Bodyfat must be the Goal of your Weight-loss plan. From this Bodyfat Percentage photo chart estimate your Current Bodyfat Percentage and how to achieve your Goal Bodyfat Percentage, using this chart.

How to calculate your Bodyfat Percentage Goals

Decide which Bodyfat Percentage you are currently at – an estimate based on the chart, then decide what bodyfat percentage you want your body to be – from the photo’s on the chart

Write down your current weight, and your take your estimated bodyfat percentage and deduct your goal bodyfat percentage. Then the difference is the bodyfat percentage that you will have to lose. Now take your current weight and multiply by that bodyfat percentage that you need to lose, this will give you the amount of kilograms that you need to lose to achieve your goal.


Formula Example:

Current Weight = 112kg Estimated current Bodyfat 40% Goal Bodyfat % 14%

Take estimated bodyfat percentage of 40% – 14% goal = 26 % bodyfat percentage to lose

Current weight = 112kg x 26% bodyfat Percentage = 29kg Bodyfat to lose

Therefore goal weight is (112kg – 29kg) = 83kg at 14%

You can achieve ultimate health & your full life potential, this client below lost 20% Bodyfat.

Male Transformation

  Before 28%                      After at 8%


The Following Chart indicates the ideal Bodyfat Percentages for a Healthy, Active Adult who is physically active and has a goal to be Lean, and is of Age of approx 21 – 50 years old:


A healthy range of bodyfat Percentage for men is 12 – 15%

A Good Bodyfat Percentage for average men is 10-12%

A Lean Body, Bodyfat Percentage for men is 8%

An unhealthy Bodyfat percentage is 22% and up for men

The bodyfat photo chart above clearly shows the difference between bodyfat percentages

Bodyfat % Goals are determined dependant on Age Factor.

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