Sports Nutrition for Athletes – Online Consultations

The three key principles to Sports Nutrition are:

  • Fuelling – providing the body with food to enhance stamina, strength and clarity.
  • Hydration – preventing dehydration and fatigue, whilst optimising muscle performance.
  • Recovery – to aid in recovery after exercise.

7 benefits from your Sports Nutrition Meal Plan for Endurance Athletes

  • Know How to Eat to Fuel Training
  • Understand Your Nutritional Demands During Exercise
  • The Role of Healthy Fats to Promote Exercise-Recovery
  • Enjoy a Balanced Diet
  • Optimize Your Protein Intake
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Know what to eat on your Race Day

Our Sports Nutrition Meal Plans are designed so that you can use your Nutrition to achieve optimum performance in your sport and competitions, and and it includes delicious Healthy & Tasty Meals, including Recipes all set in a easy to follow 5 Menu Meal Plan, which you will follow every day of the week (7 days a week) and you get to choose your Menu’s for each day based on your Exercise Routine, through our Training Day & Non-Training Day Menu’s.

Your Meal Plan Day Menu’s consist of 3 Main Meals with 2 Snacks in the day and also includes 1 Bedtime Snack per day. Meal Plans are calculated specifically for each client using Nutritional Timing of Meals and Macronutrients. Thereby supplying your body with all the daily nutritional foods to support your level of exercise.

Additionally to your Meal Plan, we can also supply you with your personalised Pre-race day & Race Day Nutrition Plan for you to prepare nutritionally for your Race and Competition (seperate fee is applicable).

If you are training for Ironman competitions or any Endurance Sports Competitions and are needing a Sports Nutrition Plan for Competitions, then contact Kevin Naude’, Nutritionist.

We offer a well-designed nutrition plan that allows athletes to function and perform at peak levels during Training & Endurance Races. We also offer intra-race nutrition & hydration, and recommendations on supplementation to support Iron Man training.

We also work closely with Cobus Fourie who is an Ironman Coach, and we highly recommend him for your training and training programs, if you would like his assistance then contact him on 0832368755, here is his website link – We are currently assisting many of his clients with Sports Nutrition.

Initial Fees includes your Sports Nutrition Meal Plan and your Initial Zoom Consultation (45-60 min) or Telephonic Consultation (Telephonic initial consultation if you do not have access to zoom) to discuss your Nutritional needs and your Sports Performance Goals, any existing medical conditions and health concerns.

We provide 1-on-1 Online Nutritionist Consultations from the comfort of your home, or your office, therefore wherever you are, we can assist you.

And the initial fee also includes your Meal Plan being couriered directly to you.

We offer Client Support – We recommend that you book your monthly Followup Online Progress Zoom Consultations (or Telephonic Consultations) (30 minute consult) every month so that we can assist you with achieving your Sports Performance & Health Goals. Your First Progress Zoom Consultation is due once you have completed the first 4 weeks following your Meal Plan (additional fee is payable for each progress consultations, they are not compulsory).

Summary of the Initial Fees, they include all of the below – contact us to find out about our Fees.

  • Sports Nutrition Meal Plan to follow everyday (5 Day Menu’s & Recipes)
  • Initial Zoom Consultation or Telephonic Consultation (45min-60 min consultation)
  • Your Meal Plan File Couriered directly to you

To find our more about our Sports Nutrition Meal Plan please contact Kevin Naude’ on email or call him on  0826644108 or whatsapp him, and he will then send you your Order Forms for you to complete. Once we receive your Order Forms, we will book your Initial Online Zoom Consultation. Then once your Meal Plan is ready we will courier your Meal Plan file directly to you.

Schedule your Free Initial Telephonic Consultation, so that we can give you a call at a convenient time for you (booked telephone call) to discuss your Sports Performance & Health goals and how we can assist you in achieving them – Click here to go to our Booking Diary

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