Teenagers, Students and Adults – Stress & Anxiety Consultations

Kids, Teenagers & Students lives can be quite stressful, especially in these times we live in and at exam times, and of course adults also experience Stress & Anxiety .

Stress, anxiety and emotional imbalances play a big role in our overall health and well-being. During episodes of stress, our body releases fight or flight hormones which prepare the body for action when threatened. When these hormones are constantly released as a result of chronic stress, the body is depleted of its energy and enters a state of chronic fatigue, which affects the body cognitively, emotionally, behaviourally and physically. However stress and anxiety are affecting you, identifying it and managing it is vitally important.

How to Reduce Stress

There are many simple effective ways that you can reduce your Stress & Anxiety levels by being active and exercising, by getting adequate amounts of sleep and by eating healthy. It is important to also avoid excessive amounts of caffeine, all of these things will help to reduce the production of Cortisol, which immediately improves our mood and improves our self-esteem. 

As Health Practitioners we believe in using Nutrition, incorporating some Lifestyle changes and using Natural Effective Stress & Anxiety Relief Supplements that have no side effects and are non-addictive, that are safe for Children, Teenagers, Students and for you to take, to help you to feel calmer and happier, and to have a more positive outlook on life. We offer Zoom Consultations or Telephonic Consultations for Teenagers, Students & Adults, so that we can meet with you and assist you to improve your life. Many of our clients are currently using the recommended supplements and implementing lifestyle changes and are benefiting from them. We also offer a support system by doing follow-up consultations once you have implemented changes and used the supplements, so that we can ensure that you are feeling better. All of the supplements that we recommend for our clients are available at local stores and are cost effective.

Eating Healthy is very important to help your body manage & cope with Stress, therefore we also provide Healthy Eating Meal Plans for Students & Adults, your families health is important to us.

Stress is a widely used word in today’s society and studies have proven that it is affects the bodies nutritional needs, the immune system and it causes Hormone imbalances. Stress increases the body’s caloric needs by up to 200 percent, it can also increase the body’s need for protein from 60 – 500 percent. The demand for Vitamin A increases, while the body is trying to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin C diminishes with stress and it impairs the immune system from working efficiently, Thiamine Riboflavin, Niacin and Zinc are all depleted as well.

Healthy Eating is about consuming the nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. To order your Healthy Eating Meal Plan online, please contact us.

A Closer Look at Managing your Stress.

At your Consultation we will look at various areas of your life where improvements & where changes can be made to help your body and mind to cope better with stress and to assist with the recovery process of your Neurological System and your Adrenal System. Improving on sleep, improve eating habits, correct types of exercising, effective natural supplements and making lifestyle changes can minimise the impact that stress has on you Long Term on your Physical and Mental Health.

“Manage Stress better so that Stress doesn’t manage you”.

Contact us to book your Consultation and we will send you our Client Questionaire for you to complete and email back to us, so that we can have some important information about you for us to assess and then to discuss improvements & supplementation with you at your Consultation.

Contact Kevin Naude’ on email kevin@bodysculptdoc.co.za or Cell: 0826644108.


Keeping your immune system strong is very important, especially at times of stress, therefore we recommend the following Natural effective Immune Support product for children & teenagers, and adults to take throughout the year.

Viral Choice Junior Syrup for children, and Viral Choice C Immune Support tablets for teenagers or adults

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