Sample Menu of Meal Plan


Please view our Sample below of one of our Day Menu’s of a Meal Plan below, you will receive 8 Day Menu’s in your Meal Plan that will include lots of Meal Options and varieties of Foods and Recipes. Our Personalised Meal Plans consist of 8 Day Menu’s, we include Nutritional Timing of Macronutrients when we create our meal plans for our clients to achieve optimal results. Our Menu’s are easy to follow and meals and snacks are easy to prepare. You would follow these Set Daily Menu’s on a weekly basis until you reach your Goal Weight. If you are an Athlete or Exercise regularly we create your Meal Plan with “Training Day” Menu’s & “Non-Training Day” Menu’s to assist you with your Sports Performance.

Body Sculpt Doc                                                                     (Ladies Sample Day)
Healthy Eating & Lean Body Meal Plan
Day Menu 1  
Breakfast   Scrambled Egg with Toast
    1 whole Egg with 1 Egg White Scrambled
    with 1 slice of Toasted Low GI Brown Bread (see bread list)
    can add some Salt & Pepper to taste
Morning snack   Nuts
    20gr Almonds   (raw & unsalted)
Lunch   Tuna & Feta Salad
    100gr Tuna   (tuna in water & drained)
    With  2 cups of Green Salad   (see salad ingredient list)
    Add  40gr Feta to salad
    Salad Dressing
    May add 2 Tablespoons Homemade Salad
    Or Knorr “Lite” Salad Dressing
Afternoon snack   Fruit
    Choose 1 Fruit from fruit list
 Dinner   Chicken Breyani 
 Option 1   1 Serving of Chicken Breyani Recipe
 Option 2   Beef Strips & Greek Salad
    120gr Beef Strips with a Greek Salad
Bedtime Snack   200ml Low Fat Milk


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