Body Transformation Lifestyle Plan




Do you want to Feel and Look Fantastic Naked ? Be proud of the body you live in. Ever wished you could look like that person or have his or her body ?

Then Body Sculpt Doc is all you need to Transform your Body. We specialise in Sculpting Bodies through our Healthy Body Sculpting Meal Plans and Training Programs. We have assisted many Models, Dancers and Fitness Competitors over the years to Improve their bodies shape and Contours.

We provide the Nutrition, Training, motivation and whatever else it takes for you to achieve what you think is un-achievable.

“Knowing what to eat & when, enjoying your food, and having a Six Pack after Eating it !! That’s Intelligent Nutrition” – Body Sculpt Doc.

There are 5 Main Key Body Areas (Muscles) that determine the Shape of your Body. If you focus on those 5 Areas you will be amazed at how Great your body will look. You can re-create your Body Shape.  We provide you with your Body Sculpting Weight Loss Meal Plan to strip away your bodyfat, and your Body Sculpting Training Program for Gym or for Home Training, programs designed according to your Specific Goals, eg.  Weight Loss, Muscle Gain & Bodyfat loss, so that you can sculpt your body.

At your First Consultation we do your Full Body Measurements, Weight and Bodyfat Percentage, Body Shape Analysis, and also set your Weight & Measurement Goals. We offer personalised service, we will analyse which body areas and muscles we need to focus on to Improve your Bodies Shape and Contours.


You will achieve your Goals and create your Amazing Body.

We provide the Support & Motivation to assist you in reaching your Goals, by providing Progress Weigh-in Appointments done every 4 weeks.


If you are serious about Transforming your Body then this is the Plan for you. It is a commitment to looking your Best and then keeping your Best Body for Life.

once_overweight_now_thin-370x414 Choose Fat or Flat

Are you that person we are referring to in the first few lines of this Article ? If so, then Body Sculpt Doc can help you to love the Body you Live in !!

Sexy Male -confident     Jillian Michaels Bikini   Male Model - hot pants    

Transform your Body and Change your Life.

Lady Transformation  Male Transformation

Please contact Kevin on 082 6644108 or email him on to order your Body Transformation Plan. 

If you would like to Order your Personalised Transformation Plan Online, Meal Plan & Training Program, then email us and we will send you our Order Forms to complete, then we will book your Zoom Consultation (or Telephonic consultation if you don’t have zoom). Once you have had your Consultation, then we will prepare your Plan for you and we will Courier your Transformation Plan to you (Couriered to your door) in 14 working days time from your Consultation.  

We look forward to assisting you in reaching your Goals. 


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