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Our Healthy Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan is a specific Daily Meal Plan to achieve excellent results, created in a 7 Day specific Daily Menu consisting of tasty meals that you will follow until you reach your Goal Weight.

We provide Ladies & Men’s Weight Loss Meal Plans, and we also provide Men’s Muscle Gain & Bodyfat Loss Meal Plans. All plans are calculated using specific lean food choices and incorporate Nutrient Timing, to encourage maximum body fat loss Plans are personalised to each Clients specific kilojoule requirements & Goals. Our Meal Plans include 5 -6 Regular Meals in a day, eaten every 3 hours, by eating this way it helps to speed up your Metabolism. It consists of an even distribution of Carbohydrates and Proteins, Healthy Fats, balanced to Stabilise blood sugar levels. Once you reach your Goal weight we will provide you with your Maintenance Plan to ensure that you keep your Healthy Body for Life.

Our Nutritional Body Sculpting Meal Plans will help you to lose weight through Healthy Nutrition, and then continue to follow a Healthy eating Lifestyle to stay slim and in Shape for life.

We have 2 types of Meal Plan Options available – we have a 7 Day Menu Meal Plan and 4 Day Menu Meal Plan. Each of these plans include many meal options and recipes for the client to enjoy. There are specific Fees for the 2 types of Plans, the 4 Day Menu Plan is more cost effective than the 7 Day Menu Plan.

We provide Meal Plans for Athletes, these plans are customised for each client according to their Exercise regime, providing them with “Training Days & Non-Training Day Menu’s” to assist with their Training & Sports Performance.


We teach you how to nourish your body the right way, so that you can enjoy greater health. Learning the habits of healthy eating can boost your energy, reduce bodyfat, can sharpen your memory and stabilise your mood. It will result in increased Sports Performance and most importantly Increased Self Confidence.

“Eating is Essential, but eating Intelligently is Artwork”

Once you reach your Goal Weight, we provide you with your Maintenance Plan (Maintenance Plan Fee is R500), this includes additional foods and meal options, so that they can enjoy their Healthy Eating Lifestyle and stay Slim and Healthy for Life.

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If you would like to book your Appointment so that you can Order your your Meal Plan, please contact us.

If you would prefer to Order your Personalised Meal Plan Online, then email us and we will send you Order Forms and our Online Meal Plan Fees. No Consultation necessary, just order online and then we will Courier your Personalised Meal Plan to you (Couriered to your door). 

We look forward to assisting you in reaching your Goals.

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