Fast Weight Loss Diet & Special Offer

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You can get a great body this Summer Season with our Latest Fast Weight Loss Diet.

It is a simple meal plan that is easy to follow and is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Spring Special – Order your Fast Weight Loss Diet and get your Fast weight Loss Training Program for Free !!

Our Fast Weight Loss Diet gives you Results Fast ! It is a Meal Plan with Specific Fat-burning foods to boost your metabolism, consisting of 4 Day Menu’s with 1 Ketosis Menu, the meal plan contains of specific Foods and meals that are prepared in a simple & tasty way, and meals are cost effective. This Meal Plan is to be followed 7 days a week, and is formulated according to your specific Macronutrients, Kilojoules and specific timing of these foods.

This Diet is very effective on it’s own and your Results will be great even without doing any exercise, but by combining our Fast Weight Loss Diet with our Fast Weight Loss Training Program (training program valued at R500), you will get you even faster Fat Loss results. So we have put together a Special Package for youorder your Fast Weight Loss Diet and you will get your Training Program for Free.

Fast Weight Loss Training Program !

Our Fast Weight Loss Training Program is designed to achieve maximum Fat Loss and increase Fitness levels for Men and Women, Fast & Effective Workouts, minimum equipment is required, it is great for Home Training or in the Gym.

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This effective Training Program consisting ‎of 2 Full Body Home Workouts. It also includes a Post Run/Walk Workout – should you want to include some running or walking – optional.‎ Please view our Spring Special – Fast weight Loss & Fitness Training Program webpage for more information about this Training Program.

If you would like to experience for yourself what I’ve studied & practiced over the past 25 years of my career regarding body fat reduction and if you want to learn about fat burning nutrition and how to get your body fat low so that you can finally have a body you are happy to have, then be sure to Order your “Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan”. It is a plan suited for someone who is serious about getting results and wants to get them fast.

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Kevin Naude’ – Fit at 50

It is all about specific food choices, planning, food preparation, and prioritising what is important in your life. It is a change that happens in the mind. It is a simple plan that is easy to follow and is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

“The decisions you make today define your Tomorrow !”

Order your Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan and get your Fast Weight Loss Training Program for Free !

Order your Fast Weight Loss Plan by emailing us on, and then we will email you our Order Forms. We are also available for Zoom Consultations or Telephonic Consultations, contact us to book your appointment with us, this consultation is optional and a Consultation fee will be applicable.

Once we receive your completed Forms & your Proof of Payment, your completed Forms will give us all the important information that we need to create your Meal Plan & your Training Program for you. We also encourage you to send us a Full Body Photo of yourself (front, side & back view) so that we can get to see you and to view your body shape (photo is optional). Once your plan is ready, we will email your plan to you in 14 Working days time from the date of Receipt of your completed forms & Payment. Please state on your Order forms whether you would like us to email or courier your Plan to you (additional courier fee will be applicable).

Accountability Online Weigh-in’s & Zoom Progress Appointments

As we know that accountability is important with Weight Loss, we include a free weekly check-in Weigh-in Service by email, so that you can stay focused and we can monitor your Progress and assist you with achieving your Goal weight and ideal Body.

We also offer Monthly Zoom Progress Appointments, so that we can monitor your Progress & assist you. If you do not have Zoom then we can do Telephonic Consultations.

Once you are at your Goal Weight we will provide you with your Maintenance Plan, which will add additional foods and New Options to your Plan.

We look forward to assisting you with Achieving Great Results your Body & Health Goals !!

Regards Kevin Naudé

Nutrition & Weight Loss,

Body sculpt Doc.

Cell: 082 6644108

“Sculpting Healthy Bodies through Intelligent Nutrition !”