Mens Health


Due to our demanding lifestyles today, long working hours and poor sleeping habits, as well as the constant striving to be on top of our game this often begins to take it’s toll on our Health, Libido, Stamina and our approach to life.

Unfortunately we age because our hormones decline and the negative effect of life can often accelerate this process, leaving most middle aged men stuck with health issues that make us look and feel older than we really are.

At Body Sculpt Doc we address and correct Key issues – such as Nutrition, Hydration, Sports Nutrition & Supplementation, Weight loss, Anti-aging, Hormones, PH Balance, Training, Libido & Stress.

Most Men know where they need to be and want to be in their health and lives, but they struggle to get there on their own. Without the correct knowledge, advice, guidance and support. If you are serious about getting back what is important to you.


Do you want to get your Healthy Lean Body Back ?

This is where Body Sculpt Doc can help you. We specialise in assisting Men to reach their full health & full life potential. Call us and book your Consultation to see Kevin Naude’ – 0826644108, or email him on [email protected] Our offices are situated in Somerset West, Cape Town.

Assisting men to reach their full health potential, this leads to Self Confidence and then the sky is your limit.