Progress Weigh-in Appointments


Slim Lady with healthy food and tape measure

Book your Monthly Weigh-in Appointment !

Motivational Weigh-in’s Let us show you How to Lose Weight and Why you need to Succeed at this goal, the great rewards. For our Ladies you can either see Kevin Naude’ or Tanya Naude’ for your Monthly Weigh-in Appointments. Men please book your appointment to see Kevin.

The ultimate Reward of achieving your Goal, is one of Self Discovery, and Belief in oneself, the Slim Healthy Body is just a Bonus”. At the end of the Journey you will Believe in Yourself, and feel great about your Achievement, it will empower you and your Life”.

Thereafter committing to it as your Healthy Lifestyle, and maintaining your Goal Weight will be easy once you have travelled the Journey and Tasted the Rewards.

Body Sculpt Doc Healthy Lifestyle is about teaching you how to nourish your body the right way, through Healthy Nutrition, while you lose weight. It’s not about dieting, it’s about committing to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle and enjoying the Rewards.

Fat girl & Slim Girl  Transform your Body

We want to provide you with the Motivation, Support, Supplementation and Knowledge that you need to Succeed on your Body Transformation Journey.

Monthly Progress Weigh-in Appointments

We offer Progress Weigh-in Appointments, done every 4 weeks : These include Scale Weight loss Monitoring, Full Body Measurements & Bodyfat Percentage, Motivation and Goal Setting. Fees are R300 for each Appointments.

We also offer Special Weigh-in Packages purchased in advance, which gives you a reduced rate for each Weigh-in Appointment.

You are what you eat !!

Healthy Eating Slim Body or Unhealthy Eating overweight body

You Choose the Body that you want to have – by what you choose to eat !!  Make the right choice.