Fast Weight Loss Diet


You can get a great body this Spring Season, get into shape now for Summer with our Latest Fast Weight Loss Diet.

You can get a great body by reducing your body fat, and you can reduce your body fat by keeping your body in a Fat-Burning Zone through Metabolism Stimulation through your Nutrition.

I have spent my entire career – more than 20 years studying the science and practicing the art of body fat reduction. I speak from personal experience and I walk my talk, as you can see in my photo.

Kevin Naude’, Body Sculpt Doc.

If you would like to experience for yourself what I’ve learned & Practiced about fat burning nutrition and getting your body fat low so that you can finally have a Slim body, then be sure to Order your “Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan”. This is a Simple & Strict 4 Day Menu Meal Plan. It is formulated as a low Carb diet that contains only Fat-burning foods and meals, using specific foods to increase your Metabolism. Meals consist of basic foods prepared in a tasty way, the plan is formulated to include Nutritional Timing of foods & meals.

It is a plan suited for someone who is serious about getting weight loss results, it is best suited for someone who has got between 1kg- 15kg weight to lose and they want to lose it quickly and are willing to eat similar meals and commit to following the plan 100% until they reach their goals. You will get to follow the Meal Plan formulated for you but based completely on the specific foods & meals that Kevin Naude’, Body Sculpt Doc basis his diet on daily.

This fast weight loss plan is for anyone who wants the truth about fat loss and who is ready and willing to put in the hard work and discipline and make the lifestyle changes necessary to get a Fat free & Slim Body.

It is all about specific food choices, planning, food preparation, and lifestyle change. It is a simple plan, but it’s not easy, it will take commitment to succeed.

If you want a great body, then you have to say to yourself “The shape that I am in right now is totally my doing, it is a result of the wrong food choices I’ve made up until now. That’s the great part – because I make my own choices, I have control to make different choices today and in the future, and so I have the power to change”.

Do not wait, the time will never be “Just Right” or Perfect. Now is the time to take control and change what has been done, make the decision today to make the change.

Order your Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan by emailing us on, and we will email you your Order Forms.

For our Metabolic Boosting Training Program please continue reading further on this page.

As we know that accountability is important with Weight Loss, we include a free weekly check-in Weigh-in Service by email, so that you can stay focused and we can monitor your Progress and assist you with achieving your Slim Body.

Once you are at your Goal Weight we will provide you with your Maintenance Plan, which will add additional foods to your Plan. The Maintenance Plan Fee is R500.

Order your Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan by emailing us on, and we will email you your Order Forms and inform you of the cost. Once we receive your completed Forms & your Proof of Payment, your completed Forms will give us all the important information that we need to create your Meal Plan for you. Once your plan is ready we will email or courier your plan to you in 7 Working days time from the date of Receipt of your completed forms & Payment. Please state on your Order forms in which way you would prefer to receive your Plan.

Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan Fees – please contact us on to find out about Meal Plan Fees, there are 2 Fee options :

Fee Option 1: Emailed Meal Plan Fee (for you to print)

Fee Option 2: Couriered Meal Plan File Fee (Printed copy in a file)

Metabolic Boosting Training Program

Metabolic Boosting Training Program consisting of 3 Home Workouts (workouts can also be done in the gym). Each Workout is 30 minutes of Intense Metabolism Boosting Training that gets you Results. You will do these workouts 3 to 4 times a week, or more often if you wish.

Combining this Training Program with our Fast Weight Loss Diet, will get you even better body toning results. Please contact us on to order your Meal Plan and your Training Program, and we will send you our Order Forms and our Fees.

Regards Nutrition & Weight Loss,

Kevin Naude’

Body sculpt Doc.

“Sculpting Healthy Bodies through Intelligent Nutrition !”

Please note that this Fast Weight Loss Meal Plan is the property of Body Sculpt Doc, it is protected by Copyright. You may not make any copies of this Meal Plan in any form, no printed copies or Digital copies may be made.