Body Composition & Bodyfat Percentage


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The Key Factor for Improving your Body Shape and your Health is your Body Composition:

The Ratio of Muscle to Fat (Bodyfat vs Lean Muscle) is commonly known as your Body Composition. Losing Bodyfat must be the Goal of your Weight-loss plan, as this is the key to re-shaping your body and is the key to decreasing your risk of health problems. The way to measure your Body Composition is by calculating your Bodyfat % with a Bodyfat Caliper.

The Following Chart indicates the ideal Bodyfat Percentages for a Healthy, Active Adult who is physically active and has a goal to be Lean, and is of Age of approx 21 – 40 years old:


A Healthy range of Bodyfat Percentage for women is 18-22%

A Good Bodyfat Percentage for average women is 18%

A Lean Fitness Body, Bodyfat Percentage for women is 14 – 16%

An unhealthy bodyfat percentage is 28% and up for women


A healthy range of bodyfat Percentage for men is 12 – 15%

A Good Bodyfat Percentage for average men is 10-12%

A Lean Body, Bodyfat Percentage for men is 8%

An unhealthy Bodyfat percentage is 22% and up for men

Bodyfat % Goals are determined dependant on Age Factor.

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Before 37% Bodyfat        After at 12%                   Before 28%                  After at 8%

Healthy Nutritional Meal Plans should include 5-6 Regular Meals in a day, with an even distribution of Carbohydrates and Proteins to stabilise blood sugar levels, and increase Metabolism. To achieve great results the Meal Plan must be personalised to Clients specific Kilojoule requirements & Goals.

Kilojoule Requirements are dependant on each individuals Height, Age, Goal Weight and Body Goals and their Training Levels & Intensity of Training. We need to provide our Bodies with the Correct Kilojoules and Nutrients to be able to function optimally, Mentally and Physically on a daily basis.

Conversion of Calories to Kilojoules:

Amount of Calories x multiplied by 4.18 = Kilojoules

Conversion of Kilojoules to Calories:

Amount of Kilojoules divided by 4.18 = Calories

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